Volume 03, No.2

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March issue 1998

1. ハイライト/HIGHLIGHT

Status of Several-bunches-mode Operation -report by accelerator division-

鈴木 寛光 SUZUKI Hiromitsu、川島 祥孝 KAWASHIMA Yoshitaka、谷 教夫 TANI Norio、細田 直康 HOSODA Naoyasu、米原 博人 YONEHARA Hiroto

(財)高輝度光科学研究センター 加速器部門 JASRI Accelerator Division

Multi-bunch-mode, single-bunch-mode and several-bunch-mode operations of electron or positron beam were designed in the SPring-8 storage ring. At the beginning of the commissioning multi-bunch-mode operation was mainly carried out. At the same time the rf knockout system was tested in the synchrotron for a request of the single-bunchmode operation from users. A long pulse train of 1 μs or 40 ns is injected from the Linac to the synchrotron, one bunched beam is remained with the rf knockout system in the synchrotron and the beam is injected into an aimed bunch of the storage ring repeatedly. The several-bunch-mode operation could be realized and used for users of BL09. The impurity of the satellite buckets was less than 10-6. A beam life time at the current value of 19 mA in 21-bunchmodeoperation was about 18 hours. The phenomenon that purity became worse with the time was not observed at all. Sometimes the beam was injected into other bunches in addition to aimed bunches and the reason has been investigated.
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Status of Several-bunches-mode Operation -report by beamline division-

矢橋 牧名 YABASHI Makina

(財)高輝度光科学研究センター ビームライン部門 JASRI Beamline Division

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2. SPring-8の現状/PRESENT STATUS OF SPring-8

Present Status of the Transport Channel (No.7)

石川 哲也 ISHIKAWA Tetsuya

日本原子力研究所・理化学研究所 大型放射光施設計画推進共同チーム 利用系グループ JAERI-RIKEN SPring-8 Project Team Experimental Group

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SPring-8 Operational News

日本原子力研究所・理化学研究所 大型放射光施設計画推進共同チーム 計画管理グループ JAERI-RIKEN SPring-8 Project Team Planning Adjustment Group

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Current Status of High Energy Inelastic Scattering BL08W Experimental Station

山岡 人志 YAMAOKA Hitoshi[1]、水牧 仁一朗 MIZUMAKI Masaichiro[2]

[1]理化学研究所 播磨研究所RIKEN Harima Institute、[2](財)高輝度光科学研究センター 利用促進部門 JASRI Experimental Facilities Divison

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Current Status of Extremely Dense State BL10XU Experimental Station

石井 真史 ISHII Masashi

(財)高輝度光科学研究センター 利用促進部門 JASRI Experimental Facilities Divison

The outline and the current situation of Extremely Dense State Beamline (BL10XU) which has the high pressure station and the high brilliance XAFS station are reported. After the commissioning on September 1997, a pre-edge peak of K2MoO4 is successfully observed in the Mo K-edge absorption spectrum, indicating the sufficient energy resolution of the monochromatized synchrotron radiation beam at BL10XU. In the high pressure station, perspicuous diffraction patterns under the ultra-high pressure are obtained. New high brilliance XAFS system using the undulator gap control synchronized with the monochromator scanning is described.
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Current Status of Physicochemical Analysis BL39XU Experimental Station

後藤 俊治 GOTO Shunji

(財)高輝度光科学研究センター ビームライン部門 JASRI Beamline Division

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Magnetic Circular X-ray Dichroism in L Absorption Edges of Rare-Earth Elements

小谷 章雄 KOTANI Akio[1]、原田 勲 HARADA Isao[2]、圓山 裕 MARUYAMA Hiroshi[2]

[1]東京大学物性研究所 Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo、 [2]岡山大学理学部 Faculty of Science, Okayama University 

Magnetic circular x-ray dichroism (MCXD) in L edges of the entire series of rare-earth elements is reviewed. Some confusions in the sign of MCXD spectra observed are examined and solved introducing a new role to the 4f-5d exchange interaction. We discuss some aspects of these investigations and relating problems.
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Magnetic Structure of Thin-film Multilayers by Resonant X-ray Scattering

橋爪 弘雄 HASHIZUME Hiroo

東京工業大学応用セラミックス研究所 Materials and Structure laboratory, Tokyo Institute of Technology

X-ray scattering has become a unique probe of atom-scale magnetic structures in surfaces and thin films by the discovery of resonant X-ray magnetic scattering and the advent of third-generation synchrotron sources. The power of the technique is demonstrated in an application to the determination of the magnetization structures in Fe/Gd multilayers at ambient and low temperatures. Discussion is presented on the experimental determination of resonant magnetic scattering factors, fm' and fm", and of magnetic roughness at interfaces through measurement of resonant magnetic diffuse scattering.
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About Figure-8 Undulator

田中 隆次  TANAKA Takashi、北村 英男  KITAMURA Hideo

(財)高輝度光科学研究センター ビームライン部門 JASRI Beamline Division

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Joint Symposium on the 11th Annual Meeting of Japan Synchrotron Radiation Society and the 4th Meeting of Synchrotron Radiation Science

原見 太幹 HARAMI Taikan

日本原子力研究所・理化学研究所 大型放射光施設計画推進共同チーム 利用系グループ JAERI-RIKEN SPring-8 Project Team Experimental Group

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Report of Workshop on Scientific and Engineering Advancements at SPring-8

坂田 誠  SAKATA Makoto

名古屋大学工学部 Faculty of Engineering, Nagoya University

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ESRF Workshop on Ultra-fast Kinetics of Molecular Assemblies報告
Report of ESRF Workshop on Ultra-fast Kinetics of Molecular Assemblies

足立 伸一 ADACHI Shin-ichi

理化学研究所播磨研究所生体物理化学研究室分室 RIKEN Harima Institute Biophysical Chemistry Laboratory

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WWW Home Page of SPring-8

八木 直人 YAGI Naoto

(財)高輝度光科学研究センター 放射光研究所 JASRI Research Sector

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7. ユーザー便り/A LETTER FROM SPring-8 USERS

SPring-8 SPring-8 as a Meeting Place

入舩 徹男  IRIFUNE Tetsuo

愛媛大学 理学部 Faculty of Science, Ehime University 

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A Letter from a SPring-8 User

小澤 芳樹 OZAWA Yoshiki

姫路工業大学 理学部 Faculty of Science, Himeji Institute of Technology

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放射光施設雑感(PF. UVSOR そしてSPring-8)
Miscellaneous impressions on synchrotron radiation facilities (PF. UVSOR and SPring-8)

高橋 昌男 TAKAHASHI Masao

大阪大学 産業科学研究所 The Institute of Scientific Industrial Research, Osaka University

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The 9~11th of January1998 at SPring-8 and CAST

竹村 モモ子 TAKEMURA Momoko

㈱東芝 先端半導体デバイス研究所 TOSHIBA Advanced Semiconductor Devices Research Laboratories

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Impressions after using the SPring-8

沼子 千弥 NUMAKO Chiya

徳島大学 総合科学部 Faculty of Integrated Arts and Science, Tokushima University

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Phone and Fax Numbers in SPring-8
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Access Guide to SPring-8
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