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Interim Review Results of 2009A Long-term Proposals

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1.Phase contrast X-ray imaging of the lung

〔実験責任者名〕Rob Lewis(Monash University)






   This proposal aims to carry out researches to identify better ways to ventilate very preterm infants and to study the onset and progression of adult lung diseases such as asthma, fibrosis and emphysema.  The employed technique is a propagation-based phase contrast imaging (PCI) at BL20B2.  So far, coordination of physical techniques and medical biology has shown many good results.  Especially the combination of PCI and particle image velocimetry (PIV) is a big outcome of this study.  Both temporal and spatial patterns of lung aeration at birth were imaged successfully in newborn rabbit and a mouse model of pulmonary fibrosis.  The expansion of the PIV technique to three dimensions is novel and expected to produce many publications.  Simultaneous PCI and iodine-based angiography to demonstrate the effect of lung aeration on pulmonary blood flow is also an interesting technique to explore.  The image processing software developed in collaboration with other group in Australia will be of great help to users of synchrotron imaging around the world.  By clarifying the mechanism of liquid removal in the lung of newborn rabbit and proposing a better ventilation method for preterm human infants, this study has already made a significant contribution to clinical medicine.  From the results and developments achieved so far, we are convinced that the second half of the research period will be more fruitful.



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〔実験責任者名〕小野寺 宏(国立病院機構西多賀病院)












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