Volume 21, No.1 Pages 43 - 44


2012A期 採択長期利用課題の事後評価について
Post-Project Review of Long-term Proposals Starting in 2012A

(公財)高輝度光科学研究センター 利用推進部 User Administration Division, JASRI

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課題名 Development of Spin-HAXPES technique for the Exploration of the Electronic structure of Buried layers and Interfaces
実験責任者(所属) Claudia Felser(Max Planck Institute of chemical physics of solids)
採択時課題番号 2012A0043
ビームライン BL47XU(2012A~2014A利用)、BL09XU(2014Bのみ利用)
利用期間/配分総シフト 2012A~2014B/180シフト(BL47XU:150シフト、BL09XU:30シフト)



This proposal aimed to realize spin-resolved hard-x-ray photoemission spectroscopy (Spin-HAXPES) by introducing the multi-detection spin filter system into the HAXPES system at SPring-8. The Spin-HAXPES especially in the valence band region is essential, as the bulk-sensitive and spin-resolved technique, to investigate electronic and magnetic structures of buried layers and their interfaces. Spin-HAXPES is also expected to be one of the best techniques to obtain the evidence of half-metallic nature of materials such as Heusler alloys. Being expected significant impacts on scientific and technical fields, this proposal was accepted by the committee even though many technical difficulties were anticipated. Owing to the serious delay, however, the multi-detection system originally proposed has not been constructed, and the conventional SPLEED has been introduced, instead. With much effort to overcome many experimental difficulties such as discharge problems, and by moving the system to the higher photon density beamline (BL09XU), spin-resolved HAXPES of Fe 2p core-level was successfully obtained, though with poorer statistics than MCD. Then finally the spin-resolved valence band structure of buried interfaces of Co2Mn1.24Fe0.16Si0.84 has been measured for the first time. However, low signal to noise ratio of the obtained spectrum does not seem to allow quantitative and reliable comparison with the existent theoretical calculation. Other than spin-resolved measurements, spin-integrated measurements on buried magnetic layers and spintronics materials have been carried out successfully. A number of results on magnetic layers and spintronics materials have been published in 11 peer-reviewed journals including a major journal. However, there was no publications on the spin-resolved detection that had been strongly hoped for by the committee when this proposal was accepted. Overall, the committee judged the overall achievements of the proposal "Successful but Unsatisfactory". This evaluation would be not only for the past but also for the future because the ex-post report represents no concrete plan for the multi-channel spin detector that would be requisite for realization of "Spin-HAXPES" in the valence band.



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