SPring-8 / SACLA Research Report

ISSN 2187-6886



本成果集は、SPring-8/SACLAで行われた利用研究課題の成果を公開するもので、 JASRI(SPring-8/SACLA成果審査委員会)が査読を行ったRefereed Journalである。

SPring-8/SACLAにおいて成果非専有課題を実施した場合、その実施利用期終了後3年以内にRefereed Journalでの公表が義務づけられており、本成果集はそれの1つに該当するものである。


 ・セクションA 学術研究成果 (Scientific Research Report)

 ・セクションB 産業利用成果 (Industrial Application Report)

 ・セクションC 技術開発成果 (Technical Report)







SPring-8/SACLA Research Reports is a refereed journal that publishes reports as the results of research proposals obtained using SPring-8/SACLA. The reports are reviewed by the SPring-8/SACLA Research Results Review Committee of JASRI.

Project leaders of non-proprietary proposals using SPring-8/SACLA are required to publish their research results in a refereed journal within three years after the end of the research term. SPring-8/SACLA Research Reports is one of the recommended journals.

SPring-8/SACLA Research Reports consists of the following sections.

Section A, Scientific Research Reports

Section B, Industrial Application Reports

Section C, Technical Reports

SPring-8/SACLA Research Reports is published twice a year as an electronic journal; no printed version is available.

As a rule, manuscripts that have passed the review process will be rapidly published as Early Published Manuscripts, and after approval by the SPring-8 Proposal Review Committee, they will be paginated (i.e., volume, issue, and pages numbers will be assigned).