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詳しくは、投稿にあたってのご注意およびUser Information(SPring-8 User Information/SACLA User Information)をご覧ください。その他、事務局までご相談ください。E-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp



【A】原稿ファイルと同時にその記載内容に関連する利用研究課題申請書ファイル(PDF)をProposalとしてアップロードしてください。ご自身が実施した利用研究課題申請書は、SPring-8/SACLA UIサイトのマイページよりダウンロードできます。ダウンロード方法につきましては課題申請書DLマニュアルをお読みください。












【A】投稿済論文(submitted manuscript)の取り下げにつきましては、事務局までご連絡ください。E-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp






【A】修正依頼を行った共編者または事務局までご相談ください。E-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp



【A】論文を再投稿(submit a revised manuscript)されると、新規投稿時に当てられた論文受理番号にR1が付加されます。


【Q13】新規投稿論文(unsubmitted manuscript)のWordファイルがなくなりました

【A】作成されてから編集されずに30日以上放置された場合、アップロードをされていた原稿ファイルは削除されます。ご投稿の場合は、File Uploadよりアップロードしてください。



【A】提出された論文(submitted manuscript)を変更したい場合には事務局までご連絡ください。新規論文の提出(unsubmitted manuscript)では対応できません。E-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp


【Q15】再投稿(submit a revised manuscript)しようとしたが、編集ができません

【A】修正期限が過ぎている場合は論文の編集ができませんので事務局までご連絡ください。E-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp











【Q1】I cannot log into the system.

【A】Create an account in the SPring-8/SACLA Research Report online submission system. For details, refer to the Guide for submission.


【Q2】I forgot my Password.

【A】Use Reset Password. An e-mail message will be sent to you. Set up a new Password in accordance with the instructions in the e-mail.


【Q3】Is this website also available in Japanese?

【A】It is only available in English. However, you can input Japanese characters in the input fields.


【Q4】We are planning to submit a manuscript to SPring-8/SACLA Research Report and other journals.

【A】Once you have submitted your manuscript to SPring-8/SACLA Research Report, you cannot submit it to other journals (prohibition of duplicate submission).
For details, refer to Notes on submission and SPring-8 User Information/SACLA User Information. If you have any questions, please contact the Office (e-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp).


【Q5】Do I need to prepare anything in addition to the manuscript file for online submission?

【A】Upload the Proposal Application (PDF) as a proposal with your manuscript file. You can download the Proposal Application for your research proposal on My Page of the SPring-8/SACLA UI Site. For the download method, read the manual for downloading Proposal Application.


【Q6】What should I name the WORD files?

【A】Single-byte English and number characters are preferable for the names of files.


【Q7】How is the receipt date determined?

【A】You will receive an e-mail message once you submit your manuscript. Confirm the receipt date given in the e-mail message.


【Q8】How long does it take from submission to the receipt of the review results?

【A】In principle, it takes approximately two months. It may take longer than two months depending on the review condition. The co-editor or the Office will notify you by e-mail as soon as the review is complete.


【Q9】I would like to withdraw my manuscript.

【A】Contact the Office (e-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp) to withdraw a submitted manuscript.


【Q10】Where should I submit the revised manuscript?

【A】Read the manual for submitting a revised manuscript and submit it by the revision deadline.


【Q11】I will not be able to submit the revised manuscript by the revision deadline.

【A】Contact your co-editor or the Office (e-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp).


【Q12】“R1” has been added to the Manuscript ID.

【A】When you submit a revised manuscript, R1 will be added to the Manuscript ID that was assigned at the time of your first submission.


【Q13】My WORD file of an unsubmitted manuscript is lost in the system.

【A】When a WORD file is not updated for more than 30 days after uploading, the file will be deleted from the system. To submit the manuscript, upload the file again from File Upload.


【Q14】I would like to add coauthors.

【A】Contact the Office (e-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp) if you wish to revise the submitted manuscript. It is not possible to add coauthors using the menu for unsubmitted manuscripts.


【Q15】I cannot revise the submitted manuscript using the menu for submitting a revised manuscript.

【A】If your revision deadline has passed, you will not be able to revise your manuscript. Contact the Office (e-mail: sp8r3p@spring8.or.jp).


【Q16】Where to download the file with comments from co-editor?

【A】Please click here