Notice: Change of Visit Type on Application Form for SPring-8 Facilities

SPring-8/SACLA has been making various efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19 infections. As a result, online participation in experiments through web conferencing systems has increased, and some beamlines have started remote operation of instruments through online operation. Accordingly, the “Radiation Handler” procedure was initiated, which allows experiments to be conducted with a simpler procedure.

Therefore, in order to better understand the types of use by users, we will classify the type of visit on the ” Application Form for SPring-8 Facilities ” to be submitted at the time of visit as follows, starting from the 2022A fiscal year.

【Onsite(at SPring-8)】
On-site : Visiting the SPring-8/SACLA and participating in the experiment
*Normal visit procedure (submission of Form 5-1)

【No visit】
Remote Operation : Operation of experimental equipment online
* For remote experiments (remote control), a simplified procedure called “radiation handler” has been set up. For details, please refer to “Application for Remote Experiment User”.
* Pre-registration is required to conduct remote experiments (teleoperation). Please contact the beamline scientist.

Online : Participating in an experiment through an online web conference system, etc. 
* If you wish to check the status of your experiment or analyze data through monitoring, you must follow the procedures. Please contact the Beamline Scientist.
* No procedure is required to participate only in meetings through the web conferencing system.

Please apply according to the type of use.

Consultation for Remote Operation and Online Participation in experiments

Please contact the beamline staff

Contact for Submitting Documents

ContactPhoneE-mail address
SPring-8/SACLA Users Office+81-791-58-0902uoffice@spring8.or.jp

Contact for the Radiation Handler

ContactPhoneE-mail address
Radiation Control Office at RIKEN Harima Safety Center+81-791-58-0904radiationsafety@spring8.or.jp
Radiation control Office at Riken Harima Safety Center (Radiation safety training)+81-791-58-0904training@spring8.or.jp