Details: Radiation Worker Application Form [Form 5-1]

Deadline: 10 days before the first visit in each fiscal year

All SPring-8/SACLA users are required to be registered as radiation workers at RIKEN Harima Campus on a fiscal year basis (from April 1 to March 31 of the following year). Note that you are not permitted to carry out experiments at SPring-8/SACLA unless registered as a SPring-8/SACLA radiation worker.

To complete your registration, please go to RIKEN Harima Safety Center Web page and submit online. If there is no missing information in your application, you must then attend the RIKEN Harima Radiation Safety Training (required by Japanese law). Then, after your first visit, you will be registered as a radiation worker.

Regarding the registration procedure for radiation workers, etc. in 2024, please wait for a while as we make changes to the system. 

Riken Harima Safety Center

Registration procedure for radiation worker
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“PDF file / paper” submission
Submission method “RIKEN Harima web system” submission
Click “SPring-8 / SACLA user”*
  “Personal page login” or “New registration”
Submission method
  Log In
New registration
Application Form
  Click “Radiation worker registration”
*SPring-8 / SACLA users who are not affiliated with RIKEN, JASRI, etc. Click “SPring-8 / SACLA user”*
  Application Form

→Log into the personal page → Procedures for Registration for Radiation  Worker → Go to the application page
*If you have not created your personal page yet, sign up and create one. 
Please note that the ID and password used for personal page are different from the ID and password used for User Information MyPage.

Please take the Radiation Safety Training online. For more details about the e-learning system, click here.

From January 2022, procedures for registration, modification and cancellation for radiation workers, etc. at SPring-8 and SACLA has been made paperless and no longer require stamping. For details, please click here.

Once registered, submission of this form is not required for return visits within the same fiscal year*. If your affiliation changes during the fiscal year, you are required to terminate the registration immediately by submitting a Radiation Termination Form.

To carry out experiments at SPring-8/SACLA, you need to re-register by submitting a Radiation Worker Application Form from your new home institution.
*If you marked March 31 as the end of the approval period in the application form.

How to submit

Please apply from the webpage of RIKEN Harima Safety Center.

Form No.Form titleApplies to
5-1Radiation Worker Application Form [Application Page]All users

5-2Radiation Termination Form [Application Page]Users whose affiliation has changed

Signature of Radiation Protection Supervisor

(Those who belong to institution in Japan)

Obtain the signature of your radiation protection supervisor*, who is responsible for managing and ensuring records of your radiation dose history, radiation safety training sessions, and medical examinations for radiation workers, and check the appropriate box.
※Not required for paperless applications.
*A radiation protection supervisor must be suitably qualified and be assigned by your home institution.

If you have submitted this form giving the name of a labor management supervisor, note that the name and signature of a radiation protection supervisor are also required for applications from August 2014.
*[From FY2024] A certificate is acceptable by Responsible Person of Labor Management (such as manager of labor management division) instead of Radiation Protection Supervisor. Please see the URL for details.

*[FY2023] If your home institution has no radiation protection supervisor or provides no radiation safety training, it will be necessary to undergo radiation safety training provided by an external institution to meet the requirements of the ionizing radiation health checkup, radiation safety training, the supply of a dosimeter, etc.

Depending on the requirements, it may take up to two months to be registered as a radiation worker.

Information: Institutions that provide radiation safety training


[From FY2024] It will be not necessary to bring your personal dosimeter.
Please see the URL for details. 

(Those who belong to overseas institutions)

Please obtain the name and Seal (or Signature) of the person who is responsible for keeping records of the applicant’s radiation dose, radiation training and medical examination results in accordance with laws and regulations of the applicant’s country.

Submission & Questions (general)

1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun Hyogo 679-5198, JAPAN

Japan Synchrotron Radiation Research Institute (JASRI) 

ContactPhoneE-mail address
SPring-8/SACLA Users Office+81-791-58-0902uoffice@spring8.or.jp

Questions (technical)

Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)

ContactPhoneE-mail address
Radiation Control Office at RIKEN Harima Safety Center+81-791-58-0904radiationsafety@spring8.or.jp