Fees for Beamline Use for Proposals

Users are required to pay a beamtime fee (users of non-proprietary proposals are exempted from paying the beamtime fee) and user fees for consumable supplies calculated on the basis of the number of shifts. Users of non-proprietary grant-aided proposals are required to pay a program fee for priority use.

Fees for Beamline Use for Proposals

The fees for Beamline use for proposals are as follow.

Calculation of beamtime fee, user fees and Program Fee for Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposals

The amount of beamtime consumption is determined by the User Administration Division based on the Notification of Completion of Beamtime (Beamtime Report) submitted after the experiment. In the case of reduced beamtime, the beamtime fee, program fee for non-proprietary grant-aided proposals and user fees will be reduced if the reason for reduction recognized by JASRI was due to beam damping(Unable to supply beam to experimental hutch) or other reasons attributable to the facility. In such cases, the fees will be reduced in units of one hour and rounded down less than 30 minutes.

Details: Exemption or Reduction of Fees Owing to Down Time

The issuance of advance quotations

We do not support the issuance of advance quotations. If you need to calculate the amount in advance, please do so based on the calculation method below. The following are examples of fees required.
Detailed fees are summarized in the table

Fee required when users use 10 shifts for General Proposal

10,720 yen × 3 shifts = 32,160 yen

Fee required when users use 10 liters of liquid He in 3 shifts for Proprietary Proposal

480,000 yen × 3 shifts + 10,720 yen × 3 shifts + 8,880 yen × 10 liters = 1,560,960 yen