Details: Long-Term Graduate Student Proposal

Long Term Graduate Student Proposal is the research proposal using SPring-8, which provides synchrotron radiation with a broad wavelength range spanning infrared light to X-rays and advanced measurement systems, which offer the opportunity to secure stable and planned beamtime for doctoral students by making the proposal valid for one to three years during their doctoral program. The purpose of the Long Term Graduate Student Proposals is to contribute to developing human resources to support and further develop synchrotron radiation sciences.

Users are supposed to submit applications as project leaders; however, all applicants must obtain permission to apply from their Ph.D. supervisor, who must be included as a project team member. Also, please consult with JASRI staff in advance and list the JASRI staff member(s) from whom the applicant would like to receive scientific advice/guidance in the Co-Principal Investigator section of the application form.

Application Requirements

Graduate students in the doctoral course (regardless of nationality) who have been approved by their Ph.D. advisors, who belong to an institution in Japan at the time of proposal execution and who are able to conduct experiments at SPring-8 independently and responsibility. Applicants must be either
a) Ph.D. students, or
b) Master’s students, who will be Ph.D. students at the time of experiment at the SPring-8.

Designation Period

Minimum of 1 year to maximum of 3 years (Until getting a Ph.D.).
※Students who are in the second year of a doctoral course or above can also apply until getting a Ph.D.

Screening of Applicants

The screening is conducted in two stages: document screening and interview screening. Those who pass the document screening will proceed to the interview screening, expecting a presentation and Qs & As on their research plan and experiments up to the end of the doctoral course.

Support for User Fees

Supported by the Government’s treasury, users of Long-Term Graduate Student Proposal are exempt from paying user fees (fixed and variable fees) within the budget. Please note that the variable fee is not always covered when it exceeds the limits of the budget.

Support for Travel Expenses

We will cover the domestic travel expenses, including the SPring-8 Guest House lodging expenses for two people (a project leader and one student as a project team member).

Submission Deadline for Online Proposals

TermApprox. Deadlines
B Term onlyAround early May

Proposal Application Templates

Please contact the below.

ContactPhoneE-mail address
SPring-8/SACLA Users Office/JASRI+81-791-58-0961sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp


1. Conditional Approval

Conditional approval is given to proposals that highly evaluate the applicants’ motivation and potential, but for which there are concerns about the feasibility of the research plan and the appropriateness of the experimental methods, such as limited experience with synchrotron radiation experiments. The Long Term Graduate Student Proposal Review Committee will allocate beamtime only for one term.

2. Granting of titles

If a proposal is accepted as a Long Term Graduate Student Proposal, the “JASRI Research Student” title will be awarded to those who wish to apply.

3. Evaluation

After the proposal is completed, the Graduate Student Research Committee will conduct a closed-door evaluation based on documents and hearings. In some cases, applicants may be asked to submit an interim report on their research progress.

4. Poster Presentation at SPring-8 Symposium

The applicant with a proposal approved is required to make a poster presentation of their research results and progress at the SPring-8 symposium during the research term.