Call for Proprietary Time-Designated Proposals (Beamtime use by shift-based or hour-based)

The proprietary time-designated proposal program is intended for users wishing to conduct proprietary research at their preferred time. Proposals can be submitted at any time, and submitted proposals are reviewed on a rolling basis. Any confidential information received or acquired during the measurements will be kept confidential; you have no obligation to disclose your application details or research results. In addition, you/your organization is the sole and exclusive owner of the entire right, title and interest in and to the research results obtained through the use of the program and any resulting patent or other forms of intellectual property. Please note that users are charged the beamtime fee: 720,000 yen/shift (regular fee + 50% premium). (See 3.Fees.)

Among the Proprietary Time-Designated Proposals, a newly established program, the hour-based use proposal program, provides users in the early stages of their research with a convenient opportunity to use SPring-8 to confirm the usefulness or to examine measurement conditions. It can also be used to obtain additional data after the experiment.

1.Beamlines and Beamtime Available to Users

All 26 public beamlines are available. However, hour-based use may designate particular equipments or measurement methods. Please refer to 2. Base Unit of Beamtime Use table 1. If you would like to use the RIKEN beamlines available for public use, please contact the SPring-8 Users Office of JASRI. When uncertain about the suitable beamline for your proposal, the Beamline Scientist can consult you appropriately. Please send an inquiry (See 4.1).

Since the time-designated proposals beamtime is arranged after fixing the beamtime for other types of proposals, please check the schedule with the Beamline Scientist beforehand.

2.Base Unit of Beamtime Use

Beamtime has two types of base units of use; shift-based use and hour-based use. You can choose to use the beamtime by shift (one shift is 8 hours) or by the hour, depending on the beamline. Please note that only shift-based use is available for more than four hours of beamtime.

shift-based use onlyshift-based use or hour-based use*
BL04B1, BL09XU, BL35XU, BL40B2BL01B1, BL02B1, BL02B2, BL04B2, BL08W, BL10XU, BL13XU, BL14B2, BL19B2, BL20B2, BL20XU
BL25SU, BL27SU, BL28B2, BL37XU, BL39XU, BL40XU, BL41XU, BL43IR, BL45XU, BL46XU, BL47XU

*Hour-based use may designate particular equipments or measurement methods. Please refer to table 1.


The fees summed up by Beamtime Fee and User Fees will be charged after the experiment. We do not support the issuance of advance quotations. Please calculate by the number of required beamtime with the following formula. (See:”Fees for Beamline Use for Proposals“)

3.1 Shift-based use

Beamtime Fee

Type of feePer shift*
Beamtime fee + 50% premium720,000 yen

Fixed Fee

Type of feePer shift*
User fee (fixed)10,720 yen
  • A variable fee will be calculated and added in accordance with the amount of liquid helium actually used.

* 1 shift = 8 hours. (incl. tax)

3.2 Hour-based use

Beamtime Fee

Type of feePer hour
Beamtime fee + 50% premium90,000 yen

Fixed Fee

Type of feePer hour
User fee (fixed)1,340 yen
  • A variable fee will be calculated and added in accordance with the amount of liquid helium actually used.

4.Application Procedures

4.1 Submission of Inquiry Form

Please enter proposal details and submit an inquiry (Google Form), which is required to confirm the technical feasibility and schedule availability. If you cannot use the Google Form, please fill out this Word file and send it to “9. Contact” JASRI Users Office.

4.2 Preliminary Arrangements

The Beamline Scientist will contact you shortly to arrange your experiment and schedule. You can finalize the necessary information for the online application.

4.3 Online Proposal Submission

Please submit your proposal application online from the User Information Website (UI site). Before starting the application process, please first carefully read the “Call for SPring-8 Research Proposals -Overview-“.

♦ SPring-8 User Information Web Site http://user.spring8.or.jp/
Login>Create and Edit Proposal Application Form >New

 Important  The beamtime schedule will be adjusted in order of inquiries instead of proposal submissions.

Applicants are required to submit a “Proprietary Use Agreement for Public Beamline” after online proposal application. Please download an Agreement (PDF form), obtain signature of the personnel in charge of the payment, and submit it.

To submit the document, visit the webpage below and click the “Agreement” button for the submitted proposal and upload the PDF file. If there is any problem with uploading a file, please send the PDF file by email to the Users Office (see 9. Contact).
User Information Website (UI site) › My Page Login › Create and Edit Proposal Application › Submitted Proposals

5.Submission Deadline

We accept applications on a rolling basis (no specific submission deadline). Please allow at least two weeks for processing before your preferred experiment start date arranged with the Beamline Scientist.

6.Review Criteria

Technical feasibility, safety of experiment, sociality and ethicality are reviewed. Scientific and technological value and the degree of expectation to produce results are not reviewed.

7.Notification of Review Results

Applicants will be notified of the review results by phone or email within two weeks after the proposal submission. An official written notification will be available in “My Page” of UI site.


8.1 Accompanying Samples / Reagents

Changes to your “List of Samples, Reagents, etc.” will not be accepted.

(Only for hour-based use) If you are not attending the research on-site, please also note the instructions below for samples to measure.
– Unacceptable Samples
The following samples are not accepted:
a) Biological samples (e.g. animals, plants, and microorganisms)
b) “Level 4” chemicals defined by JASRI (i.e. substances requiring the approval of the competent authority)
– Specific substances regulated by the “Law on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons and the Regulation of Specific Chemicals”
– Narcotic and psychotropic drugs regulated by the “Narcotics and Psychotropics Control Law”
– Stimulant drugs and ingredients of stimulant drugs regulated by “Stimulant Drug Control Law”
– Hemp and hemp products regulated by the “Cannabis Control Law”
– Opium, poppy or poppy straw regulated by the “Opium Law”
– Scheduled drugs by the “Pharmaceutical Affairs Law”
– Specified poisonous substances regulated by the “Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law”
– Substances for which manufacturing is prohibited under the “Industrial Safety and Health Law”
Please note that in-situ measurements (e.g. under a gas atmosphere) cannot be performed.

8.2 Radiation Worker Registration

The Japanese Law (Ordinance on Prevention of Ionizing Radiation Hazards) requires SPring-8 users to be registered as SPring-8 radiation workers. For details, please click here.

(Only for hour-based use) If you are not attending the research on-site, please submit the “Agreement for Measurement by Beamline Staff” (Form F01-BS) signed by Project Leader no later than the day before Beamtime.


ContactPhoneE-mail address
SPring-8/SACLA Users Office/JASRI+81-791-58-0961sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp