Details: Industrial Application Proposal Report [Form F15-IA]

All submitted reports will be compiled and published as achievements/results of the Industrial Application Program (Non-Proprietary). Please be advised that minor revisions may be made by a coordinator of the Industrial Application and Partnership Division to help readers understand your research better. When you receive a proof copy, please give it a final check.
– The coordinator may advise you about correcting errata, or unconformity of the Format as necessary. Also, The coordinator may suggest you for correction about written expression for legibility. On the other hand, the coordinator will not advise you about the content of the report, because it is Non-Refereed.

Deadline: Designated date after each experiment

For 2024A term:
  15 October 2024

For 2023B term:
BL01B1, BL02B1, BL02B2, BL09XU, BL13XU, BL14B2, BL19B2 or BL46XU  (First Call for 2023B)  
 13 February 2024
Other than listed above  
 15 April 2024

– Industrial Application Proposal Report for 2024A term will be published in February 2025.
– Industrial Application Proposal Report for 2023B term will be published in August 2024.

How to submit

Form No.Form titleApplies to
F15-IAIndustrial Application Proposal Report [MS Word]/Sample [PDF]General Proposal (for Industrial Application)

  • Prepare the report in MS Word in principle.
  • The paper size should be A4 and the length should be two to four pages.
  • Required information
    1. Proposal number
    2. Title of experiment, which can be different from the title at the time of the proposal application
    3. Name and affiliation of the project leader
    4. Beamline used
    5. Experimental results
  • Please pay attention to the following points when writing the text.
    – Make sure to include research summary (purpose and background, experimental/analytical method, results/discussions, etc.)
    – The report should be clear and comprehensible to readers who are not experts in your field; include the significance and perspectives of research in the field.
    – All nonstandard abbreviations should be defined when first used. (e.g. PEEM: Photoelectron Emission Microscopy).
    – Figures and tables should be numbered separately (e.g. Fig. 1, Fig. 2, Table 1, Table 2, etc.) and have a short caption.
    – Illustrations (figures/tables) should be in bmp, gif, jpg, png, or tif format and inserted in the text where you believe they best fit.
    – Bibliographic information must be presented (where necessary) in the list of references.

Questions & Submission

Please send the electronic data as an email attachment.

ContactPhoneE-mail address
JASRI User Administration Division+81-791-58-0961sp8skp@spring8.or.jp


– Please note that your report may be formatted for inclusion in our periodicals/journals, statistics, etc. Please notify the Users Office at the time of submission if you have a problem.
– The report is not regarded as the published works like a Refereed journal article etc., because it is Non-Refereed.
– If you want to publish your report as SPring-8 /SACLA Research Report, you need to submit it to following web site.
In this case, your original report will not be published. Through being refereed and published as SPring-8/SACLA Research Report, your article will be published by reprinting.