Details: Exemption or Reduction of Fees Owing to Down Time

The amount of beamtime consumption is determined by the User Administration Division based on the Beamtime Report (Form 12) submitted after the experiment.

In the case of reduced beamtime, the beamtime fee, program fee for non-proprietary grant-aided proposals and user fees will be reduced if the reason for reduction recognized by JASRI was due to beam damping(Unable to supply beam to experimental hutch) or other reasons attributable to the facility. In such cases, the fees will be reduced in units of one hour and rounded down less than 30 minutes.


  • Reduced by less than 30 min = Fees are not reduced
  • Reduced by 70 min = Fees are reduced by that for one hour
  • Reduced by 90 min = Fess are reduced by that for 2 hours

*The beamtime loss due to causes attributable to a user (e.g., mishandling of equipment, etc.) will not be considered for the fee reduction.