Details: User Fee System

User Fees

All public beamline users are required to pay fees to cover the costs of beamline maintenance/operation and consumables (user fees). User fees are composed of a fixed fee charged for wear and tear on the facility and a variable fee charged for the amount of liquid He you used.

User Fee (tax included)

Type of feePer shift*
User fee (fixed)10,720 yen

* 1 shift is 8 hours and for any proposals that are allocated by the hour, the fees are charged by the hour.

For any proposals that are allocated by the hour, the fixed fee is charged by the hour.

  • A variable fee will be calculated and added in accordance with the amount of liquid helium actually used.

Support system

Supported by government grants, the following proposals are exempted from paying the user fees: 

  • Budding Researchers Support Proposals (only for users affiliated with domestic universities and organizations)

Users will be charged for the variable fee when it exceeds the limit of the budget.