Details: Deadline Extension for Publication of Results (Form 28)

Deadline: before publication deadline

In the event that you cannot publish your research results within the three-year deadline from the end of the research term for a valid reason, you may request a deadline extension by submitting an Extension Request Form between three and 12 months prior to the expiration of the deadline. An extension will be granted upon the approval of the SPring-8/SACLA Research Results Review Committee. Generally, an extension will be granted when the following circumstances are given as reasons for application:

  1. Manuscript has been accepted but not yet published.
  2. Failure to obtain expected results (but an additional experiment or analysis during the extension period will help produce publishable results).
  3. Long-term research project (but publication of results is expected during the extension period).
  4. Other inevitable circumstances: serious illness/injury, pregnancy/childbirth, earthquake, fire, flood disaster, etc.

*Note that your request will be subject to review when the scientific and technological significance needs to be reviewed (e.g., manuscripts before acceptance, challenging research that takes substantial time to publish, etc.).
Also note that reasons such as obtaining a patent or commercialization of intellectual property are not acceptable. If an extension is not granted, you are required to publish your results in SPring-8/SACLA Research Report by the due date.

How to submit

Form No.Form titleApplies to
28Extension Request Form [My Page]Deadline extension for publication of results

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