Details: List of Samples, Reagents, etc. (visits for proposal-related experiment/experimental setup) [Form 9]

Deadline: 10 days before each visit

This List of Samples, Reagents, etc. is used to manage the “carrying in” and “carrying out” of experimental samples during the period of their use. Log in to My Page, and submit this form online at least 10 days before the samples are brought into SPring-8.

How to submit

Provide the name (define abbreviations and symbols), state/form, quantity & unit (SI), hazards, purpose, period of use of all the samples and reagents (incl. solvents and gases used for cleaning or storage), actions to prevent hazards, and risk level. See the following link for details of risk assessments: About Risk Assessment of Chemicals. If any question arises regarding the safety of samples listed in the form, the SPring-8 Safety Office will contact the project leader and ask him/her to provide the necessary information. Be sure to check the box for “No Accompanying Samples or Reagents” if no samples are to be brought into SPring-8. Note that users who bring toxic, deleterious, and hazardous materials such as organic solvents into SPring-8 must report to the beamline scientist upon arrival at SPring-8.

Form No.Form titleApplies to
9List of Samples, Reagents, etc. [My Page]Before visit


The link to this form is not displayed until after the Application Form for SPring-8 Facilities has been submitted. In the case of any change in the provided information after submission, contact us at the following e-mail address.

Contact & Questions

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SPring-8/SACLA Users Office+81-791-58-0902uoffice@spring8.or.jp