In Case of Emergency

1. Emergency Phone Number

In the case of fire or an accident resulting in serious injury, please call Ext. 119 and give your name, telephone number, and location of the emergency, and explain the situation. Please stay on the line until you are instructed to hang up. (The security guard posted at the Main Gate will call the fire department.)

2. Emergency Assembly Points

In the case of fire or an earthquake, follow the directions given via the public address system, and evacuate to the places shown below. At the assembly points, follow the directions of SPring-8 staff.
When an earthquake of seismic intensity 4 or larger (on the Japanese scale) is expected in the vicinity of the SPring-8 site, an alarm will automatically sound and be followed by the message “Attention! Earthquake” via the public address system. The message will be repeated for 30 seconds. When you hear the alarm and message, act as follows.

  1. Remain calm and ensure your safety.
  2. Take cover under a sturdy table or desk. Stay away from glass and heavy objects.
  3. When the shaking stops, check for fire hazards, help those who are injured and administer first aid if needed, and go to the nearest assembly point following the evacuation instructions given through the public address system. (Do not use elevators.)

3.Minor Injuries

In the case of minor injuries, dress the wound at the Health Office (Ext.3299). If you receive medical treatment at a hospital, report to the User Administration Division of JASRI (Ext. 2225) during regular office hours after the treatment.

4.First-Aid Kits

First-aid kits are placed by each door just outside the experimental hall.