Details: Budding Researchers Support Proposals

Budding researchers support proposals are intended to encourage budding researchers who will shape the future of synchrotron radiation research to take the initiative in developing and carrying out original research. Please note that all applicants must be doctoral students at the time of the experiment and successful applicants will be provided with support for domestic travel expenses, etc*.

Applications can be submitted by budding researchers as project leaders; however, all applicants are required to obtain permission to apply from their Ph.D. supervisor, who must be included as a project team member.

* Support is only available to users from domestic universities.


Type of feePer shift*
Beamtime feeUsers are exempt from paying the fee
Program fee for non-proprietary grant-aided proposalNot required
User fee (fixed)10,720 yen

* 1 shift is 8 hours and for any proposals that are allocated by the hour, the fees are charged by the hour.

  • A variable fee will be calculated and added in accordance with the amount of liquid helium actually used.

Submission Deadline for Online Proposals

Twice a year

TermApprox. Deadlines
A TermEarly December
B TermMid-June

Six times a year

TermApprox. Deadlines
A Term, First periodEarly December
A Term, Second periodMid-March
A Term, Third periodMid-May
B Term, First periodMid-June
B Term, Second periodEarly September
B Term, Third periodEarly November

Proposal Application Templates

General Proposal, Budding Researchers Support Proposal (excl. industrial application and structural biology)Download [MS Word]
General Proposal, Budding Researchers Support Proposal (industrial application)Download [MS Word]
General Proposal, Budding Researchers Support Proposal (structural biology)Download [MS Word]