Operation Modes of Storage Ring

SPring-8 has eight operation modes (several-bunch modes) to satisfy the requirements of various beamline experiments: A- to H-modes. 

If you are unsure which option you should select for your experiment, please contact the Information Desk or a beamline scientist (Beamline List) in advance.

  • Any
    Please select this option if your experiment does not require a specific operation mode. 
  • Equal-interval mode (A-, B-, or C-mode: not specified)
    In the A-, B-, or C-mode, bunches of electrons are distributed at equal intervals in the Storage Ring. If your detector or experiment would be affected by a nonequal interval mode, i.e., the D-, E-, F-, G-, or H-mode, please select this option. Note that you cannot specify the A-, B-, or C-mode in this option.
  • Specific mode required
    If your experiment needs a specific operation mode (from among the A- to H-modes), select this option and select your desired mode in order of preference in the entry form of “Mode request order.”