Non-proprietary/Proprietary research proposals

There are two types of research proposals available at SPring-8.

Non-Proprietary Research

Users are required to publish their research results but are exempted from the payment of a beamtime fee for non-proprietary research proposals. Research results should be published in a Refereed Journals (incl. refereed proceedings and doctoral thesis), SPring-8/SACLA Research Report or Technical Journal article approved by JASRI, which should be registered as a published work with the SPring-8 Publication Database.

You may request to switch the research type of your approved general proposal from non-proprietary to proprietary by shift until (8 hour) within 60 days after the completion of the experiment or the end of the fiscal year (the end of March), whichever comes first.

Details: Request for Change of Research Type/Proprietary Use Agreement (Form F01-PC/F01-CC)

To request the change, please download a “Request for Change of Research Type/Proprietary Use Agreement” and send the completed/signed form to SPring-8 Users Office.

Proprietary Research

For proprietary research proposals, the review is simplified, and users have no obligation to publish their research results but are required to pay a beamtime fee in accordance with the time of use. Submitted application forms and their contents are handled under strict information management. Proprietary research proposal is mainly used when experiments and samples include confidential information.