Call for Proposals

Call for SPring-8 Research Proposals – Overview –


  • Second Call for 2024A Proposals the Beamlines with Sixannual Calls
  • Additional Call for 2024A Proposals for BL43IR
  • Call for 2024A SPring-8 Research Proposals – Overview –
  • Policy on Research Proposals and Beamtimes for 2024A
  • General Proposals and Graduate Student Proposals Intended to Be Reviewed in the Industrial Application Field
  • Beamline Application Term Application Deadline (Japan Time) Research Period (tentative) Total Shifts (tentative)
    BLs with biannual calls 2024A Closed early Apr. – early Aug. 2024 Approx. 264 shifts
    2024B (to be open in late Apr.) late Sep.2024 – mid-Feb. 2025 TBD
    BLs with sixannual calls
    2024A-I Closed early Apr. – late May 2024 Approx. 78 shifts
    2024A-II Tuesday, March 12, 2024, 10:00 am (Japan Time) late May – late Jun. 2024 Approx. 105 shifts
    2024A-III (to be open in mid-Mar.) late Jun. – late Jul. 2024 Approx. 81 shifts

    Throughout the year

    Measurement services

     * Thin Film Analysis (GIXD/XRR) Measurement Service at BL13XU is available for Proprietary Time-Designated Proposals (Beamtime use by hour-based).