For Prospective Users

How to use SPring-8

To carry out experiments at SPring-8, various procedures are required. The following is a rough explanation of these procedures. First, users are required to complete user registration. Next, users have to provide information on their proposed research in the proposal application form. The proposal application form is reviewed by the Proposal Review Committee (PRC). After approval, users can carry out their experiment at SPring-8.
After the experiment, it is necessary for users to publish their research results in the form of a refereed journal article, a SPring-8/SACLA Research Report refereed by JASRI, or a technical journal article approved by JASRI within three years from the end of the research term, and register the published work with the Publication Database.
Proposals of proprietary research (users are not required to publish their research results) are also available.

We recommend that first-time user consult with the beamline staff of the following information desk regarding their research contents before preparing the proposal application form, because the experimental equipment at SPring-8 is highly specialized.