Title/Place of Publication
2007.01.30 10:56
X-Ray Resonance in Crystal Cavities: Realization of Fabry-Perot Resonator for Hard X Rays
Refereed Journals, Doctoral Thesis, Refereed Proceedings
Physical Review Letters
94 17 2005 174801
First Author 0006802 Chang Shih-Lin National Tsing-Hua University
Coauthor 1 0007667 Stetsko Yuri P. National Synchrotron Radiation Reesearch Center
Coauthor 2 0004865 Tang Mau-Tsu National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center (NSRRC)
Coauthor 3 0006804 Lee Yen-Ru National Tsing-Hua University
Coauthor 4 0008707 Sun Wen-Hsien National Tsing-Hua University
Coauthor 5 0000387 Yabashi Makina SPring-8/JASRI
Coauthor 6 0000179 Ishikawa Tetsuya SPring-8/RIKEN, SPring-8/JASRI
Related Proposal Information
C04A1506 BL12XU Chang Shih-Lin
C04B1503 BL12XU Chang Shih-Lin