Title/Place of Publication
2007.01.30 10:56
Transformations in the Intermediate-Range Structure of SiO2 Glass under High Pressure and Temperature
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Physical Review Letters
93 1 2004 015501
First Author 0006622 Inamura Yasuhiro SPring-8/JAERI
Coauthor 1 0001214 Katayama Yoshinori SPring-8/JAERI
Coauthor 2 0000265 Utsumi Wataru SPring-8/JAERI
Coauthor 3 0001115 Funakoshi Ken-ichi SPring-8/JASRI
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2002A0553 BL04B1 稲村 泰弘
2002B0588 BL04B1 稲村 泰弘
None BL11XU SPring-8 Experiment
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