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2007.01.30 10:56
Fe K-Edge X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism Study in R6Fe23 (R=Ho and Y) Compounds near Compensation Temperature
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Journal of Applied Physics
88 1 2000 336-338
First Author 0004566 Chaboy Jesus Universidad de Zaragoza
Coauthor 1 0004585 Garcia Luis M. Universidad de Zaragoza
Coauthor 2 0004586 Bartolome Fernando Universidad de Zaragoza
Coauthor 3 0001280 Maruyama Hiroshi Hiroshima University
Coauthor 4 0003361 Uemura Shigeaki SPring-8 Service Co., Ltd.
Coauthor 5 0001205 Kawamura Naomi JASRI
Coauthor 6 Markosayan A. S. Moscow State University
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1999A0388 BL39XU Chaboy Jesus