Title/Place of Publication
2007.01.30 10:55
Elemental Analysis with a Full-Field X-Ray Fluorescence Microscope and a CCD Photon-Counting System
Refereed Journals, Doctoral Thesis, Refereed Proceedings
Journal of Synchrotron Radiation
9 3 2002 128-131
The 5th Harima International Forum, Harima Conference (HIF 2001): New Aspect of X-ray Imaging Technology with Synchrotron Radiation - Present Status and Future Possibility -
2001.07.12-07.14 Harima Science Garden City, Hyogo, Japan
First Author 0004010 Ohigashi Takuji University of Tsukuba
Coauthor 1 0003265 Watanabe Norio University of Tsukuba
Coauthor 2 0004680 Yokosuka Hiroki University of Tsukuba
Coauthor 3 0003301 Aota Tatsuya University of Tsukuba
Coauthor 4 0004004 Takano Hidekazu University of Tsukuba
Coauthor 5 0001716 Takeuchi Akihisa JASRI
Coauthor 6 0003277 Aoki Sadao University of Tsukuba
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1999A0220 BL39XU 渡辺 紀生
None BL47XU SPring-8 Experiment