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2012.05.11 17:48
The Average Pd Oxidation State in Pd/SiO2 Quantified by L3-edge XANES Analysis and Its Effects on Catalytic Activity for CO Oxidation
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Catalysis Science & Technology
2 4 2012 767-772
First Author 0015658 Shimizu Kenichi Hokkaido University
Coauthor 1 0016760 Kamiya Yuichi Hokkaido University
Coauthor 2 0028030 Osaki Kaoru Nagoya University
Coauthor 3 0003232 Yoshida Hisao Nagoya University
Coauthor 4 0006136 Satsuma Atsushi Nagoya University
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2008B2066 BL14B2 清水 研一