Title/Place of Publication
2012.05.09 22:06
Ligand-Free Buchwald–Hartwig Aromatic Aminations of Aryl Halides Catalyzed by Low-Leaching and Highly Recyclable Sulfur-Modified Gold-Supported Palladium Material
Refereed Journals, Doctoral Thesis, Refereed Proceedings
Advanced Synthesis and Catalysis
354 6 2012 1061-1068
First Author 0030096 Al Amin Mohammad Hokkaido University
Coauthor 1 0002073 Honma Tetsuo SPring-8/JASRI
Coauthor 2 0021448 Hoshiya Naoyuki Hokkaido University, Furuya Metal Co., Ltd.
Coauthor 3 Shuto Satoshi Hokkaido University
Coauthor 4 0021447 Arisawa Mitsuhiro Hokkaido University
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