Title/Place of Publication
2011.04.05 14:11
Cation Distribution Analysis of Sr–La–Co M-type Ferrites by Neutron Diffraction, Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure and X-ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism
Refereed Journals, Doctoral Thesis, Refereed Proceedings
Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan
119 4 2011 285-290
[A10] Life Science
First Author 0014994 Kobayashi Yoshinori Hitachi Metal, Ltd.
Coauthor 1 0022157 Oda Etsushi Hitachi Metal, Ltd.
Coauthor 2 Nishiuchi Takeshi Hitachi Metal, Ltd.
Coauthor 3 0003687 Nakagawa Takashi Osaka University
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2008A1762 BL14B2 小林 義徳