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2010.10.14 16:29
Experimental and Theoretical Approaches Toward Anion-Responsive Tripod–Lanthanide Complexes: Mixed-Donor Ligand Effects on Lanthanide Complexation and Luminescence Sensing Profiles
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Chemistry - A European Journal
14 17 2008 5258-5266
First Author Kataoka Yumiko Osaka City University
Coauthor 1 Paul Dharam Osaka City University
Coauthor 2 Miyake Hiroyuki Osaka City University
Coauthor 3 0001885 Yaita Tsuyoshi JAEA
Coauthor 4 Miyoshi Eisuke Kyushu University
Coauthor 5 Mori Hitoshi Kyushu University
Coauthor 6 Tsukamoto Shinya Kyushu University
Coauthor 7 Tatewaki Hiroshi Nagoya City University
Coauthor 8 Shinoda Shinya Osaka City University
Coauthor 9 Tsukube Hiroshi Osaka City University
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