Title/Place of Publication
2010.10.14 14:50
XAFS Studies on Actinide-Pyridine-Diamide Complexes for Development of an Innovative Separation Process
Refereed Journals, Doctoral Thesis, Refereed Proceedings
Nuclear Science
6288 2007 301-306
The 4th Workshop on Speciation Techniques and Facilities for Radioactive Materials at Synchrotron Light Sources (Actinide-XAS-2006)
2006.09.18-09.20 Karlsruhe, Germany
First Author 0000078 Shiwaku Hideaki JAEA
Coauthor 1 0001885 Yaita Tsuyoshi JAEA
Coauthor 2 0011118 Kobayashi Tohru JAEA
Coauthor 3 0001970 Suzuki Shinichi JAEA
Coauthor 4 0001969 Okamoto Yoshihiro JAEA
Coauthor 5 0011122 Numakura Masahiko JAEA
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2006A3504 BL11XU 塩飽 秀啓
2006B3504 BL11XU 塩飽 秀啓
2005B3504 BL11XU 塩飽 秀啓