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2010.09.18 11:26
Structural Characterization of Amorphous Ta2O5 and SiO2–Ta2O5 Used as Solid Electrolyte for Nonvolatile Switches
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Applied Physics Letters
97 11 2010 113507
First Author 0024658 Banno Naoki NEC Corporation
Coauthor 1 Sakamoto Toshitsugu NEC Corporation
Coauthor 2 Iguchi Noriyuki NEC Corporation
Coauthor 3 0018676 Matsumoto Masashi NEC Corporation
Coauthor 4 0005638 Imai Hideto NEC Corporation
Coauthor 5 Ichihashi Toshinari NEC Corporation
Coauthor 6 0024528 Fujieda Shinji NEC Corporation
Coauthor 7 0025268 Tanaka Kazuhiko The University of Tokyo
Coauthor 8 Watanabe Satoshi The University of Tokyo
Coauthor 9 Yamaguchi Shu The University of Tokyo
Coauthor 10 Hasegawa Tsuyoshi National institute for Materials Science
Coauthor 11 Aono Masakazu National Institute for Materials Science
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