Title/Place of Publication
2009.12.22 16:22
In situ XAFS Study of the Sulfidation of Co–Mo/B2O3/Al2O3 Hydrodesulfurization Catalysts Prepared by using Citric Acid as a Chelating Agent
Refereed Journals, Doctoral Thesis, Refereed Proceedings
Applied Catalysis A: General
373 1-2 2010 214-221
First Author 0004343 Kubota Takeshi Shimane University
Coauthor 1 Rinaldi Nino Shimane University
Coauthor 2 0003424 Okumura Kazu Tottori University
Coauthor 3 0002073 Honma Tetsuo SPring-8/JASRI
Coauthor 4 0011202 Hirayama Sayaka SPring-8/JASRI
Coauthor 5 0004346 Okamoto Yasuaki Shimane University
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2009A1932 BL14B2 久保田 岳志