Title/Place of Publication
2007.12.18 21:01
Giant Dipole Resonance of Ba in Ba8Si46: An Approach for Studying High-Pressure Induced Phase Transitions of Nanostructured Materials
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Physical Review B
75 24 2007 245102
First Author 0019673 Sternemann Henning University of Dortmund
Coauthor 1 0019670 Sternemann Christian University of Dortmund
Coauthor 2 0019665 Tse John S. University of Saskatchewan
Coauthor 3 0020941 Desgreniers Serge University of Ottawa
Coauthor 4 0004749 Cai Yong Q. National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Coauthor 5 0005476 Vankó György European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, Central Research Institute for Physics (KFKI)
Coauthor 6 0001206 Hiraoka Nozomu National Synchrotron Radiation Research Center
Coauthor 7 Schacht Andreas University of Dortmund
Coauthor 8 Soininen Juha A. University of Helsinki
Coauthor 9 Tolan Metin University of Dortmund
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2006B4261 BL12XU Tse John