User Procedures for 2024A Beamtime

When you come to conduct your research proposal at SPring-8, the following procedures are required. Please be sure to clear them all before arrival.

  1. Registration procedure for radiation workers (Form 5-1) *For All Users
    For the procedures for registration, change, cancellation, etc., of radiation workers at SPring-8 and SACLA, please access the Riken Harima Safety Center, click “Procedures for Registration for Radiation Worker,” fill in the required information, and submit it at least 10 days before your first visit in each fiscal year. As for the applicant type, select “SPring-8/SACLA user” and fill in the required fields. *If you belong to RIKEN/Harima (RIKEN visiting scientists, RIKEN external users, etc.), please confirm the applicant type to the RIKEN SPring-8 Center. You must sign up and create the page to submit Form 5-1 online. Please refer to the Q&A.
  2. Other procedures *For Project Leaders
    For required documents, please access this webpage.
  3. Other information *For All Users


Changes from FY2024
It will be optional to bring your personal dosimeter from FY2024. A certificate is acceptable by a Responsible Person of Labor Management (such as a manager of the labor-management division) instead of a Radiation Protection Supervisor. Please see the details here.
When cargo is to be returned overseas, it is necessary to submit an Air Waybill and Invoice for the returned cargo before arrival to the SPring-8. We appreciate your cooperation in the proper export clearance processing by Japanese customs and for security export control under the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act. Please see the details here.

Basic Policy for Public Experiment Data Systems and Public Experiment Networks at SPring–8/SACLA
When using the SPring-8/SACLA public experimental data system and public experimental network, it is necessary to agree to and comply with the basic policies, rules, regulations, guidelines, and policies. Since the project leaders agreed to the “Rules for Users” when submitting their proposals, no further action is needed except carefully reading the regulations, etc, once again. Project members are subject to the same rules, as well as the project leaders.

For any inquiries, please contact below:

ContactPhoneE-mail address
SPring-8/SACLA Users Office+81-791-58-0902uoffice@spring8.or.jp