Notice: Setting of Graduate Student Proposals(Long term)

JASRI has established a new type of proposal for 2022A, the “Graduate Student Proposal (Long-Term),” which is valid for one to three years and is linked to the term of the doctoral program.

Graduate students in the doctoral course (including current master’s course students who will enter the doctoral course in April 2022) are encouraged to actively apply.

The application guidelines are scheduled to be released at the end of September.

Application Requirements

Graduate Student Proposal (Long-Term) must have permission from their faculty advisor to apply, be able to independently and responsibly conduct experiments at SPring-8, and be a doctoral course graduate student who belongs to an institution in Japan at the time of proposal execution.

※The consent of your academic advisor is required. Please consult with your supervisor as soon as possible.

Designation Period

Up to 3 years from April 2022


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