User Fee System ( Until 2018A )

Public beamline users are required to pay the fees to cover the costs of beamline maintenance / operation and consumables actually used (user fees). User fees are composed of a fixed fee charged for wear and tear on the facility and a variable fee charged for liquid He etc.

Fixed fee: 10,560 yen/shift*, 1,320yen/shift*
* Due to the increase in consumption tax as of April 2014 (5%→8%), the unit price will be changed.

Variable Fee: calculated based on the amount actually used

Stockroom Price List
Safety Data Sheet (SDS): Acetone , Ethanol

[Important Notes]

1. Supported by the Government’s treasury, the following proposals are exempt from paying the user fees:

– Budding Researchers Support Program (Budding Researchers Support Proposal)

– Priority Research Program: Power User (Power User Proposal), Partner User (Partner User Proposal).

Non-proprietary beamtime users from foreign organizations are also exempt from the payment; but foreign nationals applying from Japanese organizations are required to pay the user fees.

Please note that procedures for using the consumable supplies are the same for all users.

2. In principle, contract beamline users are required to pay only the variable fee, which may vary depending on the beamline. For more details, please contact the Contract Beamline Office.

For further details, click here.

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