Types of research proposal

We offer various types of proposals to suite your research needs, as shown in the table below. For the first time users, please considerate General Proposal and/or Measurement Service as shown in the table below. For the doctoral students, please select Graduate Student Proposals and/or Long-Term Graduate Student Proposal. Prior consultation with SPring-8 Beamline scientist is recommended.

Beamline Scientist Contact List

Non-proprietary research proposals

Proprietary research proposals
General useGeneral ProposalProprietary Proposal
Doctoral students useGraduate Student Proposals
Long-Term Graduate Student Proposal
Characteristic usesNon-Proprietary Priority Proposals
Long-Term Proposals
Urgent Proposals
SPring-8 Measurement Service (visit optional)
Proprietary Time-Designated Proposal

Some categories in which special operations are carried out about the proposal call and beamtime schedule:

  • Life Science/Protein Crystal Analysis: We intend for the proposal call for twice a year. The beamtime will be fixed based on the prior survey for 5 times a year. Users can choose the automatic measurements (no visit required).
ContactExt. No.E-mail address
SPring-8/SACLA Users Office/JASRI+81-791-58-0961sp8jasri@spring8.or.jp

Non-proprietary research proposals

Users are exempt from paying the beamtime fee by publishing their research results.

(Note that the User Fixed Fee required to pay 1,340 yen/hour.)

Type of ProposalDescriptionsFrequency for call
General ProposalFor general research using synchrotron radiation, with obligation to publish results. Twice/six times a year

Characteristic proposal types in preferential on non-proprietary use

Please apply if the proposal you are considering applies the following features.

Type of ProposalDescriptionsFrequency for call
Graduate Student ProposalIntended for doctoral students (at the time of experiment) with an exploratory and original research proposal or research theme. Twice/six times a year
Long-Term Graduate Student ProposalProposals that provide an opportunity to secure stable and planned beamtime for doctoral students by making the proposal valid for one to three years during their doctoral program. Submitted proposals need to go through a two-stage review process of application screening and interview. Proposals are accepted for research term B.Once a year
Long-Term ProposalIntended for the proposals that are expected to produce outstanding results through the long-term and well-planned use of SPring-8. The review process consists of two steps: document screening and interview. Once approved, proposals are valid for two years.Once a year (only in the B Term)
Non-Proprietary Priority ProposalIntended for the proposals subject to pay the program fee to prioritize using the beamtime. The users also have obligation to publish their research results. Under the program, the proposals will be granted an exemption from scientific review; only the safety and technical feasibility of the experiment, and ethics (e.g., exclusively for peaceful purposes) are considered. One-year proposals are accepted for research term A.twice/six times a year
Once a year for One-year Proposal
Urgent ProposalDesigned for users with an urgent and critical need to carry out non-proprietary experiments of great public significance.as needed

For each proposal types, there are some operations based on the research category: one-year proposal, Structural Biology experiment, conjunction with X-ray free electron laser facility (SACLA), J-PARC MLF, and the innovative HPCI including K computer. For the details, please refer to the call for proposals updated each term.

Proprietary research proposals

For Proprietary research proposals, the users have no obligation to publish their research results, instead of proprietary users are required to pay the beamtime fee used. Applicants are exempted from the review of scientific and technological value. Submitted proposals are reviewed only from the viewpoint of technical feasibility, safety of experiment, sociality and ethicality.

Please apply the following for proprietary general proposal.

Type of ProposalDescriptionsFrequency for call
Proprietary ProposalFor general research using synchrotron radiation, with no obligation to publish results and a simplified review process. A beamtime fee will be charged.Twice/six times a year

Characteristic proposal types in preferential on proprietary use

Type of ProposalDescriptionsFrequency for call
SPring-8 Measurement ServiceJASRI staff will perform measurements on behalf of users, and users simply send their samples to SPring-8.as needed
Proprietary Time-Designated Proposal (Beamtime use by shift-based or hour-based)The proposal can be applied at any time, and will be examined immediately after application submitted. The hour-based use proposal program, provides users in the early stages of their research with a convenient opportunity to use SPring-8 to confirm the usefulness or to examine measurement conditions. It can also be used to obtain additional data after the experiment.as needed