Details: List of Carry-In Items (visits for proposal-related experiment/experimental setup) [Form 8]

Deadline: 10 days before each visit

How to submit

When you need to bring in large experimental instruments and peripheral equipment for your experiments at SPring-8/SACLA (including when you send them via delivery service), log in to My Page and submit online a List of Carry-In Items at least 10 days before the arrival of the items at SPring-8/SACLA.
Note that users are not permitted to bring in any dangerous or regulated items that may pose potential safety hazards.

Form No.Form titleApplies to
8List of Carry-In Items [My Page]Visits for experimental setup


「You must submit an Application Form for SPring-8 Facilities before submitting a List of Carry-In Items. Notify JASRI User Administration Division of any changes via e-mail if you need to modify any details after submitting your List of Carry-In Items.

Contact & Questions

ContactPhoneE-mail address
SPring-8/SACLA Users Office+81-791-58-0902uoffice@spring8.or.jp