Details: Cafeteria

Several meal options such as Japanese, Western, and Chinese food, noodles, curry, etc. are available at the cafeteria located on the SPring-8 campus.


MenuApril 15, 2024 ~ April 21, 2024
EventApril 18, 2024


The payment is only available by  transportation ICC (integrated circuit card), or smart card. (Cash, credit card, and traveler’s check are all unacceptable.)

  • If you don’t have one, please get it beforehand at Ticket Offices in major/most train stations that deals with mainly long-distance and reserved seat travel tickets. Although we hold a certain amount of ICC at the shop Kirari (FamilyMart) and/or the front desk of the Guest House, the quantity is presumably limited.
  • For instance, the IC card, ICOCA can be purchased with cash only including a 500-yen deposit at ticketing machines that have English language option at KIX (Kansai International Airport) train stations. You can also buy it at AIOI JR station, the nearest one to the SPring-8/SACLA. Furthermore, the ICOCA can be also used for Shinki bus, the local bus company in this area.
  • ICC charge machines are installed at the entrance of the cafeteria building.
  • You can’t charge the ICCs at the automated cashiers. So please go to the entrance to charge it as necessary.
  • When you don’t need your ICC anymore and want to get the deposit back, please go to your nearest station (e.g. Aioi).In case of ICOCA: A handling fee 220 yen will be deducted from the amount of money remaining on the card. You can get the full deposit of 500 yen back if you return the card empty.

IC Card (SUICA, etc.) can be newly created on a smartdevice. No deposit is required.

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Opening hours (During user beamtime)

Breakfast7:45–9:30(Last order 9:15)
Lunch11:30–14:00(Last order 13:45)
Dinner17:30–19:30(Last order 19:15)

Opening hours (During the summer and winter shutdown periods)

*Closed on weekends and public holidays.

Lunch11:30–14:00(Last order 13:45)
Dinner17:30–19:30(Last order 19:15)