Details: Program Fee for Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposals

Program Fee is the fee to be paid by users of Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposals.

What Non-Proprietary Grant-Aided Proposals is

Non-proprietary grant-aided proposals are intended for research proposals receiving a large research grant, the scientific and technological validity of which have been reviewed and approved. The proposals are exempted from scientific review; only the necessity of SPring-8 as a research tool, ethics (e.g., exclusively for peaceful purposes), technical feasibility, and the safety of the experiment are reviewed. These proposals are accepted upon payment of a program fee and are given priority consideration up to the beamtime limit set for each beamline used for general proposals.

Type of feePer shift*
Program fee for non-proprietary grant-aided proposal131,000 yen

* 1 shift is 8 hours and for any proposals that are allocated by the hour, the fees are charged by the hour.