Details: Payment and Billing Information

※From April 1, 2021 onward, the method of sending billing documents for the use of SPring-8 has been changed. Please refer to the following for details.

Notification of changing in the method of sending billing documents for facility use

In conducting the experiments, users are required to register billing information before experiments, such as the affiliation to which the billing statement will be sent.  Fill out the information by selecting “Billing Information” of the target proposal from “Members/Billing” on My Page. 

The payment must be made as follows:

  • The payment of the full amount must be made to the designated bank account within 60 days of the invoice date. Please note that the payer is responsible for any bank charges incurred in transferring the fees.
  • The invoice number must be included in the payment information.

The bank transfer receipt should be kept as the proof of payment since JASRI does not issue receipts for payments as a general rule.

JASRI does not issue or Correspond to billing statements in other than the JASRI formats for the quotation and the statement of delivery.

The information registered on My Page will be written on these documents.  Input the billing information correctly including further information such as Division.

Required Information and Examples:

Name on Billing

  • Organization Name (within 22 characters) (e.g., ABC University)
  • Department/Division Name (within 22 characters) (e.g., ABC Department, XYZ Division)
  • Addressee (within 22 characters) (e.g., President, ABC Laboratory, Taro Koukido)
  • Title: *select Professor, Dr., Mr., etc.

Billing Address

  • Zip/Postal Code (within 8 half-width characters) (e.g., 679-5198)
  • Address 1: (within 22 characters) (e.g., 1-1-1 Kouto, Sayo-cho, Sayo-gun, Hyogo, Japan) 
  • Address 2: (within 22 characters) (e.g., Street address, Building A123)
  • Organization Name (within 22 characters) (e.g., ABC University, XYZ Company) 
  • Department 1 (within 22 characters) (e.g., Department of ABC, Graduate School of XYZ, ABC Research Center)
  • Department 2 (within 22 characters) (e.g., ABC Division)
  • Billing Contact Name (within 22 characters) (e.g., Taro Koukido)
  • Title: *select Professor, Dr., Mr., etc.
  • E-mail address *Billing documents will be sent to this email address.


The fees for the following proposals are covered by government grants, etc., and users are exempted from paying the fees.  Therefore, billing information is not required.

  • Budding Researchers Support Proposals (only for users affiliated with domestic universities and organizations)


ContactPhoneE-mail address
User Administration Division (Fees for public beamline use and user fees) +81-791-58-0961sp8fee@spring8.or.jp