Check-out Procedure

Items you must return

  • User card
  • Dosimeter
  • Documents

Where to return items (locations of return boxes)

  • North Building
  • Main Building 2F
  • SACLA Experimental Facility

Please return the following items when you leave SPring-8/SACLA.

User Card/Dosimeter

All users

Please return your user card, dosimeter (IC-tagged), and its strap separately to the return boxes at the entrance of North Building, Main Building 2F, and SACLA Experimental Facility.

Notification of Completion of Beamtime (Beamtime Report) [Form 12]

Project leaders

Please provide the amount of beamtime and liquid He actually used, any advice to other users, and comments and requests to SPring-8/SACLA on the Beamtime Report and submit it online.

Form No.Form titleApplies to
12Notification of Completion of Beamtime (Beamtime Report) [My Page]After completion of experiment

Application Form for Supporting Travel Expenses

Project leaders

Users eligible for financial support for travel expenses must fill out an Application Form for Supporting Travel Expenses and put it in the return box in the User Administration Division. Without the correct information such as the bank name, branch name, and account number (of the user’s own account), the reimbursement may not be made; please double-check all information before you visit SPring-8. Note that the required form depends on the type of proposal as specified below.

Form No.Form titleApplies to
13Application Form for Supporting Travel Expenses [PDF] / SampleGraduate Student Proposal

Check-out from SPring-8 Guest House

Refer to the following section.