Details: How to Register Published Works

  1. Log in to Page in the UI site.
  2. Select “Publications” from “Entry Application/reporting” > “After Experiment” in the menu on the left.
  3. If the publication has a DOI or an identified URL, input it. Otherwise, leave the fields blank and click “Next.”
  4. Provide the title and place of publication.

  5. Enter author information.   
  6. Provide the relevant proposal information. For 2011B and after, be sure to provide all the proposal numbers related to the published work you are entering into the database; otherwise, you will not be considered to have published your results.
  7. Confirm the information you entered on the Confirmation page. If any information is incorrect, click the “Back” button and correct it on the previous page. If all the information is correct, click the “Submit” button. Then your publication ID is displayed and the registration is completed.
    Note that no modifications can be made to the registered information; for modifications, contact the User Administration Division.

For the research term 2011B and after, publications of the following three categories are regarded as the “Publication of Research Results.”

  1. Refereed Journal (refereed papers/proceedings or doctoral theses)
  2. SPring-8/SACLA Research Report
  3. Technical Journal

To share a wide range of information about the publications of research results, please also register the publications of the following categories although they are not regarded as the “Publication of Research Results” for the research term 2011B and after. 

  • Proceedings (non-refereed proceedings)
  • Review Materials (incl. non-refereed papers)
  • Books
  • Awards
  • Others (master theses, newsletters, news releases, etc.)
  • Invited Talks (overseas/domestic)
  • Oral/Poster Presentations (overseas/domestic)

*There is no need to register the results published in SPring-8/SACLA User Information, SPring-8 Research Frontiers, SPring-8 Experiment Summary Report, SPring-8 Annual Report, and SPring-8 News.

Research reports refereed by JASRI will be registered in SPring-8/SACLA Research Report. You can view the registered information at Publication Search (UI site).