Details: SPring-8 Experiment Summary Report [Form 26]

Deadline: within 60 days after each experiment (within 60 days after the end of the research term for PX-BL proposals and contract beamlines)

Project leaders must prepare a SPring-8 Experiment Summary Report (Form 26) summarizing the analytical results obtained from the series of experiments performed at SPring-8 and submit it within 60 days after the experiment.

How to submit

Log in to My Page with the account information of a project leader (user card ID number and password) and select “SPring-8 Experiment Summary Report” from the menu to display the online form. For instructions on how to fill out the online experiment summary report, click here.

Note that for your research to be considered Research results publication, you are required to publish your results obtained through the use of SPring-8 in refereed journals (or equivalent) and register the published works with the SPring-8 Publications Database within three years from the end of the research term. The submitted SPring-8 Experiment Summary Report will be posted on the UI site two weeks after the 60th day from the end of the research term.

Form No.Form titleApplies to
26SPring-8 Experiment Summary Report [My Page]Non-proprietary proposal

Experiment Summary Report Templates

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