Details: Proprietary Proposals

Proprietary proposals do not require the publication of results, have a simplified review process, and are subject to a beamtime fee based on the time spent using the beamline. The number of people reviewing proprietary proposal applications is limited, and strict information management and confidentiality are ensured.
The application deadlines and reviews are twice a year / six times a year, and accepted proposals are valid for six months, while those approved by the PX-BL are valid for one year. Each beamline has its beamtime allocation limit.

Application Requirements

Applicants need to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Must be affiliated with a corporate enterprise, including a public or private college, university, or other institution of higher education, a public or not-for-profit research organization, and a private company.
  • Be registered as a radiation worker when using synchrotron radiation.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions of the Proprietary Use Agreement for Public Beamline and submit it by the deadline.
  • Proposal Review

    The safety and technical feasibility of the experiment, and ethics (e.g., exclusively for peaceful purposes) will be considered. Approved proposals are given beamtime so far as beamtime available to this program permits. In case the total beamtime shifts required by all the applied proposals exceed the designated percentage indicated below, the PRC determines in a comprehensive manner which proposals are given priority.

    Maximum Percentages of Allocable Beamtime

    Up to 40% of total beamtime per beamline can be allocated together for Proprietary Proposals and Non-Proprietary Priority Proposals. Up to 50% of each user beamtime is for public use at RIKEN beamlines.


    Type of feePer shift*
    Beamtime fee480,000 yen
    Program fee for non-proprietary Priority proposalNot required
    User fee (fixed)10,720 yen

    * 1 shift is 8 hours and for any proposals that are allocated by the hour, the fees are charged by the hour.

    • A variable fee will be calculated and added in accordance with the amount of liquid helium actually used.

    Deadline of application

    Twice a year

    TermApprox. Deadlines
    A TermEarly December
    B TermMid-June

    Six times a year

    TermApprox. Deadlines
    A Term, First periodEarly December
    A Term, Second periodMid-March
    A Term, Third periodMid-May
    B Term, First periodMid-June
    B Term, Second periodEarly September
    B Term, Third periodEarly November

    Proposal application templates

    Proprietary Proposal (excl. structural biology) Download [MS Word]
    Proprietary Proposal (structural biology)Download [MS Word]