Details: General proposals for proprietary research

In principle, proposals are called for and reviewed twice/six times a year and approved proposals are valid for half a year, but approved proposals at PX-BLs are valid for one-year. For proprietary research, the available beamtime is limited to the percentage designated for each beamline.


Type of feePer shift*
Beamtime fee480,000 yen
Program fee for non-proprietary grant-aided proposalNot required
User fee (fixed)10,720 yen

* 1 shift is 8 hours and for any proposals that are allocated by the hour, the fees are charged by the hour.

  • A variable fee will be calculated and added in accordance with the amount of liquid helium actually used.

Deadline of application

Twice a year

TermApprox. Deadlines
A TermEarly December
B TermMid-June

Six times a year

TermApprox. Deadlines
A Term, First periodEarly December
A Term, Second periodMid-March
A Term, Third periodMid-May
B Term, First periodMid-June
B Term, Second periodEarly September
B Term, Third periodEarly November

Proposal application templates

Proprietary General Proposal Download [MS Word]
Proprietary General Proposal (structural biology)Download [MS Word]