Types of Beamline

There are three types of beamlines available at SPring-8.

Public beamlines are available for public use by researchers in academia, research institutes, governmental organizations and industry from Japan and abroad. There are 26 public beamlines, and each beamline has its own characteristics in research field and measurement technique. So please choose the beamline that suits your research needs.

RIKEN beamlinesare mainly used for RIKEN’s own research activities but some beamtimes at several RIKEN beamlines are available for public use.
RIKEN Beamlines available for public use: BL05XU, BL17SU, BL19LXU, BL26B1/B2, BL29XU, BL32XU, BL44B2

Contract beamlines are constructed by industrial, academic, research institutes and governmental organizations from Japan and abroad, other than RIKEN, for their own use. Installation Plans are accepted at any time.

Public BeamlinesUsed by researchers of industry, academia, and government from Japan and abroadPeer review of research proposals

RIKEN beamlinesUsed by RIKEN (with partial availability for public use)
Contract beamlinesUsed by contractorReview of installation plans