[All types of proposals except for Budding Researchers Support Proposal]

  • Those who belong to companies, universities, research institutions, etc. but excluding students
  • Those who can complete radiation worker registration before using synchrotron radiation at SPring-8*1
  • Those who can secure at least two experimenters.(Prohibition of Working Alone)*2

In addition, your application must include at least one person out of a project leader and project team members who is an employee of a private company or related institution for General Proposals for Industrial Application.

*1 Radiation worker registration is not necessary for non-visiting users using Measurement Service/PX-BL Automatic Data Collection

*2 Excluding the use of non-visiting users using Measurement Service/PX-BL and Time-Designated Proposals

[Budding Researchers Support Proposal]

If you are a doctoral student at the time of experiment and wish to apply for beamtime, the budding researchers support proposal is your only choice. On the other hand, as a project team member, you can participate in any research projects.