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Revision of Plan for Using Internationally Controlled Materials

JASRI Safety Office  

 Up to research term 2019A, users performing experiments using internationally controlled materials (nuclear fuel materials) have been required to submit Form 34 Application for Approval of Experiments Using Radioactive Samples by the date specified separately. Then, after review by the Committee on Radiation Safety in User Experiments, they have been required to submit three documents: Form 22-1 Plan for Using Internationally Controlled Materials, Form 22-2 Application for Bringing in Internationally Controlled Materials, and Form 22-3 Agreement on Return of Internationally Controlled
Materials. From the research term 2019B, for the purpose of simplifying the documents to be submitted and promoting paperless operation, Forms 22-1 to 22-3 have been combined into Form 22. Users can submit this form by post or via e-mail with an electronic signature that can be prepared using Adobe Acrobat or Acrobat Reader. Please refer to the following overview of the revision and the example before filling in the form. If you have any questions, contact the JASRI Safety Office.


 Under the terms of this revision, users can submit the application form either by post or via e-mail. However, to promote the digitalization of application procedures, we recommend users to submit the application form concerning the use of internationally controlled materials electronically. For details about electronic signatures, refer to the Adobe website. You can create a signature in about five minutes using Acrobat Reader. We appreciate your cooperation.

Inquires: JASRI Safety Office